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Eligibility Screening

The eligibility screening process will help us determine what scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. Please enter the following information to the best of your ability before selecting the Pre-Qualify button.

About You (select your options) About Your Sponsor (check all that apply)
 How old would you be on March 15, 2018?  
 What will your marital status be on March 15, 2018?  
 What is your country of Citizenship?  
 What type of degree are you pursuing?  
 What is your relationship to the Sponsor?  
 Sponsor Years of Service? 
   Sponsor or current Applicant Served aboard USS Hampton (SSN 767) for a minimum of 2 years
   Sponsor is entitled to wear the Submarine Warfare Breast Insignia
   Sponsor medically discharged/Died in the line of duty
   Sponsor Served aboard USS TEXAS (SSN 775) for a minimum of 2 years
   You, Your Sponsor, Parents, or Legal guardian are Residents of Hawaii
   Sponsor Served aboard USS NAUTILUS (SS 168), (SSN 571), or Historic Ship Nautilus
   Sponsor is member of the US Submarine Veterans Incorporated (USSVI)